Matilde and Manuel, Casa Souto de Abajo

We are Matilde and Manuel!

We are the owners of Casa Souto de Abajo, a house dedicated to rural tourism since 2007; but our relationship with this world comes since 1992 when we opened our first house and the relationship with the guests is so gratifying that encouraged us to follow. We ended up making very good and lasting friendships that fill us with satisfaction and have much more value than the economic one.

We offer a direct and personal service, as well as the chance to pick up pilgrims from the nearby towns to facilitate the accommodation.

We hope you’ll enjoy the house and Galicia during your stay here, knowing our customs, the landscapes, the gastronomy,... really it’s worth it.

We wait for yours! We will try not to disappoint you!

Matilde and Manuel

The house

A bit of history...

The Casa Souto de Abajo was built in the nineteenth century, although it wasn’t until 1907 when we began to know its history.

The uses that have been given to the house throughout their history have been very different. It has gone from being a home of a local family to be the guildhall, bar and even to serve as stable.

In July 2007, the Casa Souto de Abajo opened its doors turned into a cosy rural guest house and into an exceptional place where relaxing and resting always enjoying the contact with the nature without giving up a comfortable and warm stay up.

If you wish it, we’ll be delighted to welcome you to enjoy the welfare of the house and the areas and leisure activities that exist nearby.


  • Free WiFi for customers
  • Free parking
  • Washing machine available to guests
  • Indoor fireplace and outdoor barbecue

Special service to pilgrims

If you are doing "their way from Santiago to Finisterre" or you are preparing it and you stay in our house when you are passing through the towns of Palas de Rey, Melide or Arzúa, we pick you up and bring you to Casa Souto de Abajo which is located in the town of Santiso. We make the transfer to our establishment without additional cost, in a completely personalized way. Once you are in one of the agreed localities, you only need to call one of these phones (981 51 77 35 – 649 62 34 01 – 699 71 00 47) and indicate us in which place of the agreed localities you find and we pick you up. (Please note that Casa Souto de Abajo is 8 km far from Melide).

Special services to fishermen

The fishing-lovers have a mandatory meeting point in Santiso with the Ulla river and its tasty trouts. The river which is very charming for the whole family (children and adults) has routes along its bank, rest areas, and unique and unforgettable landscapes. It’s an ideal place to spend a weekend that you will always remember. Casa Souto de Abajo is located in its environment and we provide you with guides and information about the area so you can continue fishing to its mouth at the Portodemouros reservoir.

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